I find my soul self as a Khanabadosh ( Wanderer) .

Born in Jharkhand , growing up in UP & MP ,studying in Maharashtra ,working in Delhi n Gurugram and living my passion of travelling I have covered the whole of India .And still crave to discover more…..

I guess my first ever trip was to the beautiful city of Mumbai at the age of 2 ,and there when the journey began. It was series of trips every years with parents to different parts of India each year .From the places of pilgrimage to hill stations to museums to moments to history, the process of learning and fun gradually forming its roots in my soul somewhere.

In the later part of the life studying and working ,travel was more for fun ,adventure & explorations .

And then came phase of solo travels. As a freelancer I was blessed to have opportunities to travel far and wide in different parts of the country ,some unexplored some revisions. This time travel was more of a connect . Reconnecting with self and the locals .I have been in love with idea of how beautifully enriching it is to reconnect with yourself but connecting to a new world ,it’s people ,it’s food , it’s culture & it’s geography.

As they say Travelling make you a story teller …my travels have given me so many moments & stories which will always be very very close to my heart .

It’s when such over whelming moments where happening ,I started documenting them with my vloggs .I chose Facebook live to not only document the moment but also share it my people connected on social media with me ….It was yet another experience of connecting , reconnecting & sharing .My people loved it and showered their love & blessings in abundance to keep me Motivated and going .