Kuch Dil Se

” I have always written for myself . But it’s been beautiful to see people connect to my words and expressions as if I have touched a part of their stories. “

I feel writing is one beautiful way of expression of feeling , incidences & moments.

I very distinctly remember, I wrote my first poetry on “Clouds” when I was in standard 8th. It was one of those winter sunny mornings when I was sitting in my lawn finishing my home work . Just like any other kid who got bored of studying and wanted to take a break in between , I lay down looking up to the sky .Wasn’t sure what came to me , but I got lost in the clouds and thoughts started weaving into words. To my surprises , it turned out to qualify in the category of one of those scribbles , we call “Poems “.

I still remember the excitement of creating something , which certainly seemed beautiful to me .For some reasons ,it was for more than 20 years I didn’t ever publish or publicly share my writing, apart from my inner circle . But I loved reciting my poems to those  who were interested .

This journey saw hiccups as well , and there were times and phases when I totally had to stop writing .But some or the other motivation worked and helped me pick it back again. It started in English and Hindi in the beginning. As I grew up , with my limited knowledge of Urdu , my writing started having a touch of Urdu in them. Poems and Nazms hold a major share of my writings  . My genre of writing is mostly pain & motivation . Contradictory right ! But different sides of same coin. I write about Love ,Life , Pain & Moments that touch my heart .

I find my peace in this blend of words and feelings. And there has been no looking back.