Mukty Mission

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It was somewhere during my professional journey and my experiences ,I felt to ,not limit myself and try reaching to more people who can not reach out to me .And there were few things I have been thinking to address to the masses , Mental Health & Menstrual Awareness to top the list and Life Skills of course

And this is when Mukty Mission was shaped to create an impact in the society with respect to certain issues related to women and youth .

Mukty Mission is an initiative to spread freedom, awareness, and smiles. It aims to create better living for women ,youth  and families and help them live with more dignity with tackling issues like menstrual hygiene , mental health & emotional well being. Mukty, started the movement in December 2017 and have big dreams to set our ladies and youth free from the shackles created by the society and lead them to freedom, one small step at a time.

From the time of it’s foundation , Mukty Mission has reached out more than 10,000 women , men and youth through live workshop in different parts of the nation and  and creating awareness among them. During COVID 19 Mukty Mission spread its wings of awareness world wide collaborating with various organizations like Society  of Menstrual Disorder & Hygiene Management, Global Womenpreneur Clique  , Antwak , KV (RK Puram ,sector 8 ) , Uncivilized Indian , Inclusify , MHT and counting …)

Mukty Mission