Life Coach

Life has been my favorite subject. I have always been inquisitive and curious to understand and dive deep into the layers of Life and its various aspects .

For me life was all about living the simple moments of life and rerising them and the people who existed in it . Interacting , creating a connect and being there for people ,was something I was known for ,since childhood . Not only was I good at expressing myself , I was good at listening absorbing people .And probably these traits were for a bigger cause , is how I see it as , when I connect the dots .

Recalling my professional journey. after a challenging ,homely experience of 4 years of Engineering I travelled to Delhi ,Mumbai ,Pune , Gurgaon for the varied experiences in different work profiles  in different companies. Having my share of experiences in  professional & personal life.

I realized my calling was to be found in 2016 when a new journey of life started .

I started freelancing as a Life Coach and travelled to different parts of the country, connecting to students from educational sector from institutions like , KIIT -(Bhabaneswar), Symbiosis ( Pune) XBS ( Kolkata ) ,BBD( Lucknow) etc. and corporate like Maruti Suzuki India Ltd ,Coal India limited , National Metallurgy Labs ,Hindustan Zinc Limited ,Bengal Tools ,HDFC ,Arvind Life style to name a few .Reaching to more than lakh of  souls so far from different mediums ( live and online) . It was an enriching experience for me. Not only I felt the impact of my words and life lessons in the lives of the people I came across but it was an enriching journey for me as well. Traveling to the corners of the country ,exploring their art, culture ,food and people was the most beautiful life lesson , I could have ever asked for .

The year 2020 and pandemic in it’s own ways made it simple for me to reach out to more people who we looking forward to guidance  and vice versa. Touching down more than lakhs of people worldwide .

The gratitude messages ,the success stories ,the testimonials ,the surprise gestures from people I have come across through this journey has been and will always be my most precious earning. Those words and feeling are priceless .

And the journey still continues.

Rerise .Reboot .Relearn

Transformation sessions by Life Coach Rashmi 

Evolution is a basic trait and expectation from Humans . We need to learn and evolve as a better version of ourselves as we grow .We need to update and transform in various aspects of lives , not only to stand rapidly increasing competition but to feel better and more confident about selves as an individual.

A regular touch up and upgradation hence adds to our better Emotional and Mental health.

Professional Transformation


A specially designed course for Student aspiring for a bright professional life .An integrated-impactful-fun filled session to help the youth learn & practice the basic Professional Skills required for their upcoming professional life .

The session focuses on skills like :

  • Communication
  • Interview Skills
  • Resume Writting
  • Body Language
  • Professional Etiquette
  • Personal Grooming
Educational Transformation


A series of sessions for our young minds who are in their budding tender age to help them find a better connect with them selves , studies and life skills .

The sessions are mixed with activities and lessons to make it easy for young students to connect , participate and reflect .

The sessions focuses on :

  • Confidence Building
  • Skill Building
  • Creative Thinking
  • Communication
  • Manners
Personal Transformation


Just like every skills needs upgradation and transformation , our emotions too need transformation with times and situation .To avoid any time mental stress and emotional balance for a better and a healthy life .

We always need to Learn ,Relearn and Unlearn .This is done by focusing on :

  • Self Connect
  • Goal Setting
  • Decision Making
  • Problem Solving
  • Fear Fighting