I know .I know . Many of you might not even aware and be wondering what “PMSing” mean.Not your fault .I would be glad if you at least knew what periods is .

When in a country where a majority of population doesn’t understand much about basics of a human body and accept it’s very existence ,it would be unfair to expect them to understand the different aspects related to it .

So to make things simple ,let me tell you what PMS or PMSing means.PMS means Pre Menstrual Syndrome.

Roughly a period of 7 -10 days,before Menstruation when a female body experiences different kind of changes , physically , emotionally and psychologically .

PMS comes with wide range of Signs and symptoms including mood swings ,tender breasts ,fatigue, irritability, depression,back ache ,nausea ,feeling of being overwhelmed ,wanting to cry etc.

Although it’s said that 90% of women do experience this condition and few of its symptoms but that doesn’t make it any easier to deal with . Because every woman goes through her own challenges and difficult times.

What’s makes it even worse is ,it’s such a less talked about and understood issues ,that of a women talks about it to someone ,either she is taken lightly or made fun of or just ignored as most of us are unaware !!

There is hardly any awareness around PMS .

Not only in Men but during few of my campaigns and interactions with women I have realized that even a lot of women are unaware of PMS and have been going through the pain and trouble since ages .

Just think about the situation when you are going through an emotional turmoil and physical discomfort and you have hardly any control over it .And you have go through it month after month, year after year.

Think again ,how would you be dealing with this .

Talking and accepting is probably the only solution to make periods for women , for ourselves .

Simple things ,like talking about it when you are going the roller coaster ride speak to about the men around you .Slow,but they will one day understand and co-operate .Men ,wait for a moment and try to understand the difficulties of them women around you and be little nice ,be little comforting ,be a little warm .

And may be someday we together will reach to point of acceptance of our own body and aspects related to it …

Hoping every one to join hands !!